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At Room to Read, we know that literacy is the foundation for all future learning.

Our Literacy Program supports the development of literacy skills and nurtures a love of reading among children, helping them become independent readers and lifelong learners. We approach this work through three broad pillars:

Classroom instruction
Our literacy team supports primary school teachers and librarians with training in early grade literacy development so that they can provide effective literacy instruction, helping children build the skills they need to decode and comprehend text.

Print-rich libraries
Through partnerships with local governments and organizations, we establish school and classroom libraries, helping expose children to captivating storybooks in their local languages and provide inviting spaces in which children can comfortably interact with books and foster a habit of reading.

Quality reading materials
Finally, we ensure that every child in our Literacy Program receives quality reading materials — storybooks, literacy worksheets and other educational texts that engage young learners, that spark curiosity and imagination, and that further help develop a lifelong love of reading.

In the video below, explore our Literacy Program in Tanzania!