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Many of the girls in our Girls’ Education Program might be described by some as rebels. That’s because they simply refused to accept what would have been considered their fate – like marrying young, or not receiving an education. At Room to Read, we celebrate those rebels who have discovered their own strength, advocated for themselves and have created a new and different path from the one that might have been forced upon them.

That’s why we are thrilled to share that we've partnered with Rebel Girls to publish a mini-series book featuring girls supported by our Girls’ Education Program who have broken barriers and defied expectations as well as heroes and role models chosen by those program participants.

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Inside the Book

This book features 12 incredible tales of girls from Room to Read's Girls' Education Program, who have created positive change in their lives and the lives of others. They've created sustainability apps, challenged early enforced marriage, grown award-winning gardens, and earned money for their families as YouTube sensations.

The girls' stories are paired with 12 tales of their heroes, women from across the globe in whom they've found inspiration and strength.

You'll also find interactive activities designed to help young girls:

  • Write and illustrate their own story
  • Understand and explore key life skills
  • Identify and interview their own hero
  • And so much more!

Rebel Girls Partnership

Rebel Girls Partnership Learn More

Launched in 2016, Rebel Girls is a global multi-platform empowerment brand with the mission to help raise the most inspired and confident global generation of girls. Just as Room to Read works to instill in children and young students that they can dream of becoming future scientists, doctors, researchers, policy makers and leaders of change, Rebel Girls does the same through its platforms.

This book is one of several creative collaborations that Room to Read and Rebel Girls have embarked on. A few of the Room to Read rebels are featured in the latest volume of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, titled “100 Inspiring Young Changemakers.”

Additionally, "She Creates Change" is being translated into numerous languages and incorporated into the curriculum of Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. 

This is just one chapter in a dynamic anthology of initiatives that highlight the magic that happens when girls discover their own power and gain access to role models, both on the page and in person.

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