Room to Read provides girls with much more than material support. Our Girls’ Education Program ensures teens complete secondary school and have the skills to negotiate key life decisions. With programs in low-income countries across Asia and Africa, our team supports girls from grades 6 to 12 with a life skills curriculum, strong female role models and mentors, and community support to help every girl reach her full potential.

Our program provides:

Our mentors, better known as social mobilizers, are local women who act as advisors and advocates for girls in our program. They support girls emotionally and guide them through individual and group mentoring sessions.

Life Skills Courses:
Our confidence-building curriculum gives girls the skills and insight to lead their lives. With new topics taught by social mobilizers every month, students acquire powerful skills to navigate daily challenges and make critical life decisions.

Need-based Material Support:
The cost of a school uniform or safe transportation often prohibits families from sending their daughters to school. That’s why we provide need-based material support for school costs such as tuition fees, uniforms, bus fare/bicycles and exam preparation services.