Life Skill Sessions:
Girls need life skills. That’s why, every month, social mobilizers introduce a new subject through an engaging, activity-oriented class. These topics include:

  • Managing emotions, assertive communication, and conflict resolution
  • Body image, menstruation, and nutrition
  • Early marriage, healthy relationships, and sexual violence
  • Time management, career-planning, and financial literacy
  • Peer, pressure, decision-making, and personal empowerment

Group & Individual Mentoring:
Our Girls’ Education students regularly participate in group mentoring, where students discuss personal problems and work together to find solutions with their social mobilizer. These sessions not only create safe spaces and build trust among peers, but also help girls exercise their problem-solving skills.

Community Engagement:
Our social mobilizers regularly meet with parents and community members to discuss the importance of educating their daughters instead of pressuring them to marry early or drop out of school to contribute to the family’s income.

Using Data to Increase Program Effectiveness:
As a data-focused organization, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our programs more effective. Our recently-piloted Life Skills Assessment is surveying how successfully students cultivate life skills as compared to girls who don’t have access to Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program.