Transformational Giving

“It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education."

Nelson Mandela

Creating Long-Term, Positive Systemic Change

Our Literacy and Girls’ Education Programs are making a significant difference in the communities that we serve. With your support, we have the potential to vastly expand our outreach and scale faster to enable education to endure across the globe.

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School Superhero: Invest in a School Community

Your investment will enable Room to Read to implement its entire literacy program throughout the school for a four-year intervention period. Your support will help make it possible for the school to receive a brand new library filled with hundreds of colorful, engaging children’s books, letter cards, word cards, exercises, workbooks and literacy games. In addition, the teachers, librarian and the head teacher in the school will also receive training and ongoing support on how best to engage with students using these specialized learning materials that are geared towards early reading and writing skills. Room to Read will also conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure the program has maximum impact.

Room to Read is committed to the sustainability of our programs. During the four-year period, we will establish strong partnerships with the government to ensure the schools’ continued success at the end of the Room to Read led intervention.

Become a school superhero.