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Why This Sri Lankan Teacher & Student Love Our Literacy Program

November 04, 2019

Literacy Sri Lanka

Today we're taking you to Sri Lanka to hear how a teacher and student have been impacted by Room to Read's teacher training, classroom instruction, and library time. Special thanks to Burger King MacLamore Foundation and the Burger King System for supporting this school community.

In Her Words


“I always wanted to be a teacher. It has been my lifelong dream. After completing school, I immediately joined teacher training and started working as a teacher. It was enjoyable but I wasn’t quite aware of the impact a teacher could make in a child’s learning. I joined Room to Read in 2017 and saw a significant change in their teacher training. For the first time, I understood the value of my profession and how I can contribute shaping a child’s future.

Room to Read trained us to teach children according to a proper system and that really helped me progress in my ability to teach. Today, I get to witness the change I’ve made in my students. Their reading speed has significantly improved and they read with comprehension. Their success is my reward and it empowers me at the same time. I am nursing my one-year-old daughter and I have a seven-year-old son. So, it is challenging to look after them and work simultaneously, but, now I have a purpose in my career and I am inspired. Just like how I want my children to have the best education, I am determined to provide the same to my students. Room to Read has been a game changer in helping me achieve that goal”.

- K A J Madhushani, Room to Read Literacy Program Teacher, Sri Lanka



Meet Sasindu


“Library time is my favorite time in school because I love to read! Room to Read books are different from the others we have. They have lots of illustrations which help me understand the story better. They help me with my imagination, too. I also enjoy when the teacher reads us stories during the library period. My favorite subject is Sinhala. Since Room to Read books are in Sinhala, I enjoy reading more.

My mother works in a garment factory and my father is a tuk tuk driver.My aunt lives with us so she can look after us when we return from school. After my siblings and I finish homework, I read my favorite storybooks to my younger brother. This gives me the chance to teach him how to read a few letters too. My elder brother enjoys listening to my storytelling. I have a one-year-old sister too but she’s too young to read or listen to the stories. When I grow up, I want to become a teacher and help other children in my community learn how to read.”

-Sasindu, Grade 5 Literacy Program student from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Inside the Literacy Program