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4th Grader Raises $3k for Bangladeshi Students

March 15, 2017

Community Bangladesh

After Junya met Room to Read's founder, John Wood, he realized many children in Bangladesh and beyond don't have the opportunity to go to school or read books whenever they'd like. So, to get active for education he began a personal fundraising campaign to both better himself and educational opportunities abroad.

Over the past four years Junya has completed four different challenges, raising over $3,300. As a first grader, he challenged himself to learn a new, jump rope trick known as double-unders and brought in $1,370 in the process! Then, in second grade he rallied three friends and started a read-a-thon in efforts to bring books to children in Bangladesh, garnering nearly $800. As a third grader, he kept the momentum going and chose a poetry reading as the challenge of the year, bringing in another $520. This past December, Junya taught himself how to juggle, raising $630 by the end of 2016.

We're so honored Junya chose to better himself while helping bringing more resources to our students in Bangladesh. Thank you, Junya, for inspiring us all to keep growing for the sake of education. You can follow his lead and start you own campaign here, or support one of the many Room to Readers embarking on their own goals for children in Asia and Africa!

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