Partner Case Studies

Partner Case Studies

Foundations: Creating Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Ensuring post-earthquake recovery and literacy efforts in Nepal

Dubai Cares supported over 25,000 children through post-earthquake recovery and literacy efforts in Nepal, ensuring reconstruction of 10 schools and implementation of the Literacy Program in 90 additional schools. Dubai Cares is also supporting Research, Monitoring & Evaluation to learn how best to implement programs in a post-disaster environment and achieve strong learning outcomes.

Partnering for systemic change

In 2016, Echidna Giving invested in our Literacy and Girls’ Education Programs and 2015-2019 Strategic Plan goals. Echidna Giving is a leading thought partner for Room to Read in innovation, analysis and learning, and system change.

Investing in the future of girls

The Kendeda Fund has partnered with Room to Read since 2013, providing crucial support to our programmatic and Research, Monitoring and Evaluation work. In particular, Kendeda has invested in our India, Nepal and Bangladesh Girls’ Education Programs, helping ensure that girls receive the support and tools necessary to succeed in secondary school and beyond.

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