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When you include a gift for Room to Read in your will…

Your generosity becomes the words that girls will use to express themselves and build lives of their own choosing. Your compassion becomes the stories that young learners will hold in their hearts and share with their own children. Most importantly, your thoughtfulness becomes a better life for every student, family, and community that we reach, both now and for years to come.

Your support is their success. Their triumph is your legacy.


Stories from our Legacy Community

"If you are looking for a way to have a profound, positive impact on global education, that costs you nothing now, I highly recommend including Room to Read in your will. It is the most impactful way to invest in a brighter future for all."

- Craig Herb, Room to Read supporter since 2007

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Stories from our Legacy Community

Establishing Your Legacy is Easy

With charitable gift planning, you can create a legacy gift that will extend your support for years to come. It's simple to structure your gift to maximize its benefits in a way that is most favorable to you, your loved ones and the organizations you choose.

For assistance please contact Caitlin Nagel, our Legacy Giving Manager, at legacy@roomtoread.org or follow the steps below.

Easy Guide to Include Room to Read in Your Will

To include Room to Read in your will you will need our address and charity registration number. Please see below for these details, including Room to Read’s recommended free will-writing service for your country, if we have one. If your country is not listed below, please use our United States information or reach out to legacy@roomtoread.org for more information.  

Creating a legacy gift allows you to designate your investment to the work that you are most passionate about. Most of our supporters choose to invest in our greatest need. Should you choose not to designate your investment, it will go toward Room to Read’s Future Fund, ensuring your gift is used for maximum possible impact as part of our operational reserves, strengthening our ability to execute our mission in an unpredictable future. This Fund enables organizational nimbleness and ensures protection against the unexpected, as well as financial flexibility to identify, test, and invest in new, even more efficient approaches to delivering our programs to the children who need them most.

United States 
EIN/Tax ID: 91-2003533 
Address: Room to Read, 465 California Street, Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94104 
Recommended will-writing service: FreeWill 

Australia & New Zealand  
ABN: 13 133 277 666 
Address: Room to Read Australia Limited, P.O. Box R1017, Royal Exchange, NSW, 1225 Australia 

Charity BN: 85061 2417 RR0001 
Address: Room to Read Canada of 2405 Pine Street, P.O. Box 46877, Vancouver, BC V6J 3E9 

Hong Kong 
Registration Number: 1117869 
Address: Room to Read Hong Kong Ltd, Room to Read 87/F International Commerce Centre One Austin Road West Kowloon Hong Kong 
Recommended will-writing service: ForeverGift or call +852 5468 3635 

Registration Number: TI22579
Address: D21 Corporate Park, Office No. 201E (B), 2nd Floor, Sector-21, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075 

EIN/Tax ID: 91-2003533 
Address: Room to Read, 465 California Street, Suite 1000, San Francisco, CA 94104 

Identification Number/TIN: CHE-237.755.163 
Address: Room to Read – Schweiz c/o First Names (Switzerland Ltd) Am Schanzengraben 25, PO Box 8022 Zurich   

United Kingdom 
Registration Number: 1125803 
Address: Room to Read UK Limited, Bracken House, 1 Friday Street, London, EC4M 9BT 

To designate Room to Read as a beneficiary you will need our address, listed under the previous question.  

If your account is held in the United States, you can plan your beneficiary designations through FreeWill.

Yes, please let us know so we can express our gratitude and welcome you into our Legacy Community. Email legacy@roomtoread.org to reach Caitlin Nagel, our Legacy Giving Manager.

Considering a gift in your will? Let us help you.

Please take a moment to complete the following form and our Legacy Giving Manager will be in touch to provide support.

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To notify us of a gift or ask questions about Legacy Giving, please contact us.

Stories from our Legacy Community

Michael G.

Michael Goldberg
Michael, you are a passionate member of the Room to Read community. Who or what inspires you to want to give back? What causes are most important to you?

My grandparents and parents have always been huge inspirations to me. They instilled strong values related to helping others, whether through time or giving. While there are so many wonderful causes out there worthy of support, I'm attracted to organizations that are highly effective and highly efficient, creating transformative impact for the populations that they serve. My top two recommendations are Room to Read, as education probably has the highest return on investment -- both for the individuals and for their communities -- and Camp Casco, a free summer camp for childhood cancer patients and survivors that I was privileged to co-found.

When did you first hear about Room to Read and how did you get involved? What encouraged you to continue your support?

I saw a copy of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World [by Room to Read’s Founder, John Wood] on my friend's coffee table and asked if I could borrow it; that was more than 15 years ago. I was enthralled and immediately wrote to Room to Read to learn about opportunities in Boston. I attended and ultimately helped to organize several events for the Boston Volunteer Chapter. As someone who was in academia, I hugely value the impact that a good education can afford. I was fortunate to receive fantastic scholastic opportunities and feel a moral obligation to pay them forward, as I imagine anyone who is reading this piece does as well. 

What made you want to include Room to Read in your will? Why would you recommend others who are passionate about this work consider making a planned gift? 

I honestly believe that there are few better investments than Room to Read. Just look at the data: Room to Read has received Charity Navigator's prestigious 4-star rating in 16 of the past 17 years. Room to Read values transparency, data, and integrity. The organization has taken on one of the world's greatest challenges and continues to execute with aplomb. The tagline is true: World Change Starts with Educated Children ®. And thanks to Room to Read, more than 38 million children across roughly 55,000 communities have already benefited worldwide. The advancement rate among girls in the program is 97%. If you want to affect change in this world, then you needn't look further than Room to Read.

What advice do you have for those who want to take care of their loved ones through their estate planning, but also want to support causes that they care about? Do you think it’s possible to do both?

It's certainly possible to take care of one's loved ones through estate planning while also supporting causes about which one cares. That's the beauty of a will: you get to decide and define exactly how you want to allocate your assets. I also believe that your loved ones will take great pride in the knowledge that a portion of their family's assets will help ensure that the world becomes a better place for them and their children.

While I've met people who wish that they had given more to charity, I've never met a person who regretted giving away too much.

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