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Room to Read Vietnam introduces climate justice education | November 15, 2023

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At Room to Read, we know that to address the mounting challenges of climate change, we need climate justice education — education that includes lessons on the science of climate change as well as its social ramifications around gender equity. When more girls are equipped with knowledge around the gendered consequences of climate change and gain the skills to take action in their lives and communities, entire countries can benefit from improved life outcomes. 

It was with this in mind that our team in Vietnam recently introduced climate-focused content to our girls’ education curriculum, initiating lessons on climate justice at two secondary schools in regions of the Mekong Delta most threatened by saltwater intrusion. 


Implemented in partnership with the Vĩnh Long Provincial Department of Education and Training, Room to Read’s climate content aims to engage more than 250 students of all genders over the next two years in discussions on the intersections between issues of climate change and gender inequality.


These discussions have supported other life skills lessons as well, bolstering students’ confidence in thinking critically and making difficult decisions about potential climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.  


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