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Meet Kabita from Room to Read Nepal: Leading by example

March 03, 2021

Skill building Nepal

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"I share my own story as an example."

She was once a Girls' Education Program participant herself. Like many girls in Nepal, Kabita was getting pressured to marry at an early age and nearly had to drop out of school because it was difficult for her parents to afford her education.

Learn how she persevered and became a Room to Read Social Mobilizer, the very job that helped her continue her own education all those years ago. Hear directly from Kabita's mother as she recounts how her daughter fought for her education and from the girls Kabita now mentors as they explain what they've learned from Room to Read's Girls' Education Program.

Leading by Example
“The life skills training that I received made me strong.” Kabita Girls' Education Program alumna and Social Mobilizer
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Staying Committed During a Pandemic

Now, as a Room to Read Social Mobilizer, Kabita has dedicated her life to helping girls just like her continue their education. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and schools throughout Nepal were forced to close, Kabita, along with the entire Room to Read staff, stayed committed.

Room to Read's Social Mobilizers have continued to provide group and individual mentoring by phone to support girls through the crisis and have encouraged them to continue their academic studies at home. Collectively, Room to Read staff provided more than 265,400 remote mentoring sessions to our program participants in 2020.

Here's just one example of how Kabita has continued to check in with the girls enrolled in Room to Read's Girls' Education program during the school closures: