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Meet Siti from Room to Read Tanzania

October 22, 2020

Skill building Tanzania

Siti Mramba is a 20-year-old alumna of Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program in Tanzania. In 2009, her parents divorced, leaving her mother to be the sole caretaker and provider for Siti and her two older siblings. Following the divorce, Siti’s mother became ill – she was soon diagnosed with HIV. Siti’s mother worked hard to try and keep her children in school, but it became more and more difficult to save enough money to cover school costs. Due to her mother’s worsening health and her family’s lack of money, Siti feared she may not be able to complete secondary school.



When Siti started secondary school, she did not have the funds to pay for her uniform, materials, or fees. The school administration quickly identified her as at-risk for dropping out, and she was enrolled in Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. Siti began to participate in life skills lessons and mentoring sessions and received academic support as well as money for school feels and a hostel room nearby. With access to these resources, Siti’s attendance and academic performance improved greatly.

“If I’d had to walk to school every day rather than stay in a hostel nearby, I definitely would have failed to attend school. My mother’s health and economic situation were also big challenges for me. Without Room to Read, I likely would have dropped out of school like many other girls in my community.”

According to Siti, her social mobilizer helped her build her confidence and inspired her to chase her dreams. In 2018, Siti graduated from secondary school and is now enrolled in a school for advanced studies. Her dream is to become a lawyer and advocate for human rights. She is especially interested in bringing positive change to communities in Tanzania and serving as a strong female leader and role model.

Here is a message from Siti:

On behalf of the many girls who have received Room to Read’s support, I would like to thank Room to Read staff, donors, and partners. Girls in Tanzania face many challenges due to ignorance, poverty, and disease; education is the number one solution to all of these issues. Investing in quality education is what we all need. This generation needs education to liberate them and give them the support to make good decisions and stand on their own feet. Girls in Africa and around the world need your support to end gender discrimination; with your help, they can become confident, critical thinkers and decision-makers that lead change and achieve gender equality. Room to Read is well-positioned to achieve this, as they have proven this through the successes of me and many girls in Tanzania. In the future, I want to be a lawyer who supports this mission”.


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