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IMC's Trading & Gaming for Charity Day raises funds to benefit 120,000 children in Room to Read's Literacy Program

July 11, 2023


We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of IMC’s Trading & Gaming for Charity Day, which took place on June 15, 2023. This remarkable annual event raised funds for Room to Read's Literacy Programs in Africa and India. Our work would not be possible without amazing partners like IMC, whose invaluable support has helped to transform the lives of more than 2.3 million children to date.

Room to Read and IMC's transformative partnership 

Since 2016, IMC has been a dedicated advocate of Room to Read's mission to eradicate illiteracy and foster a more equitable world. IMC's long-term support has expanded Room to Read's Literacy Program into new regions across Tanzania and South Africa and paved the way for significant improvements in educational outcomes. This collaboration has set the stage for systemic change, enabling millions more students to access quality education in the coming years. 

Together, we have achieved some remarkable milestones: 

  • Improved access to quality education for over 2.3 million children in South Africa and Tanzania. 
  • Expanded the reach of Room to Read's Literacy Program to more than 650 schools. 
  • Supported 23,700 teachers and librarians with essential training. 
  • Distributed 1.8 million books, instilling a love for reading among children worldwide.


IMC Trading & Gaming for Charity Day 

The trading firm’s biggest charity event of the year, Trading & Gaming for Charity Day sees IMC employees worldwide rally together to donate a full day’s revenues to charitable causes. This year’s event kicked off at 8 a.m. in Sydney on June 15, moving through the time zones to their offices in Mumbai, Amsterdam, and Chicago.   

Once again eSports organization, Team Liquid, joined the cause. Their top gamers took part in a 24-hour livestream on Twitch to spread awareness and raise even more funds for Room to Read's Literacy Program. A big shout-out to Alixxa, Ambush, Areliann, Crokeyz, Eiya, Kaymind, Kei, Kurumx, Mendo, Qojqva, Slysssa, Snoodyboo, Sunbaconrelaxer and Tiffae for their exciting streams, as well as everyone who tuned in and donated throughout the day.  

Through the support of IMC and Team Liquid, we have raised funds that will benefit 120,000 children across Tanzania, South Africa and India through Room to Read’s Literacy Program. 

We are deeply grateful to IMC for their invaluable contributions and dedication to supporting young learners across the globe and appreciate Team Liquid’s enthusiastic partnership to benefit more children each year. Their belief in the power of education has paved the way for transformative change in the lives of children worldwide.  

Looking ahead 

In the coming years, Room to Read is thrilled to continue and expand its partnership with IMC. Together, we are creating a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive through education. 

Learn more about Room to Read's partnership with IMC.