Nepal Earthquake

Nepal's Road to Recovery

Nepal has a special place in our heart as it was our first country of operations. It's also where we began authoring local children’s books and piloted our Literacy Program.

In the last 15 years, we've established over 2400 classrooms and 3700 libraries, benefiting 2 million children. For this reason, immediately after the 2015 earthquakes, we partnered with the Nepal government to lead recovery efforts around education.

The road to recovery has begun but many regions – particularly the more remote areas where we normally operate – are still in desperate need of help to rebuild their communities.

Nepal Education Fund

We have a planned $5M+ investment in Nepal to support our immediate recovery activities that align with our core areas of expertise in literacy and girls' education. The goal is to ensure as many children as possible are able to return to a safe school environment and that the libraries we had previously established have the necessary materials to function. Our initial focus is in Nuwakot, one of the districts most damaged by the earthquakes.

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Districts with Room to Read classrooms

Stories from Nepal

Quake Stories Told by Nepali Students

Room to Read students in Nuwakot, Nepal share their experience of the 2015 earthquakes and how they impacted their schools.

Teacher Training Post-Earthquakes

Teachers credit the Room to Read Literacy Program on improving student achievement and stress the importance of rebuilding safe classrooms post-earthquakes.

Thanks to Education – Nepal

A young Nepali student reflects on her dreams and hopes for the future, thanks to the education she is receiving.

Photos from the field

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