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Get Active

with Callan Farris

Callan Farris, actor and Disney Channel star, is teaming up with Room to Read as an #ActiveforEducation ambassador!

Callan has set a personal fundraising goal to invest in Room to Read's four-year Literacy Program in India and support young girls enrolled in Room to Read's Girls’ Education Program in India.

"Even while on set filming as an actor, my schooling and love of reading has always remained a top priority. I want children everywhere to flourish, dream big and have the resilience to overcome obstacles thanks to education," said Callan.

Together when we fund this project, we'll fill schools in India with hundreds of colorful, engaging local language children’s books published by Room to Read along with letter cards, word cards, exercises, workbooks and literacy games. The educators in the school will also receive training and ongoing support on how best to engage with students using these specialized learning materials that are geared towards early reading and writing skills. Additionally, girls in low-income communities in need will be supported to complete secondary school and develop key life skills such as confidence, critical thinking and perseverance, to succeed beyond the classroom. 

"I encourage children everywhere to take action alongside me so that together, we can unlock the potential of a generation of young learners around the world."

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Callan and Room to Read are taking action to reach thousands of low-income communities around the world, and we want you to join us.

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Your personal goal can be anything you want — train for a half marathon, learn to play an instrument, or explore a new hike each week–the options are endless.

Join Callan Farris and Room to Read today and get active for education. Do something good for yourself and great for the world.

““I have spent countless hours immersed in the pages of my favorite books and am honored to support Room to Read so that more children can experience the magic and joy of reading.””

Callan Farris

What will you do to get active for education?


Choose a challenge that's meaningful to you, spread the word with your own fundraising web page, and support a good cause while improving yourself!

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$300 can support a year of a girl's education.

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$1,000 can teach 20 children to read and write for a year.

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Support a Decade

$3,000 can provide ten years of support for girls in secondary school.

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