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Your love letter to a brighter future at Room to Read

April 24, 2023


This past Valentine’s Day, we asked the Room to Read community to share their vision for a brighter future. This is what you had to say.

My vision for a brighter future is….

“A world where we can all be free to express our most authentic selves, full of love, joy and opportunities for us to truly connect and help one another.” 

“For a financially literate nation, as money affects every decision we make, every single day.” 

“All students feeling appreciated, accepted and worthy of learning.” 

“Teachers making learning fun, accessible and safe by leading with care, teaching for peace and helping new generations of children reach their fullest potential.” 


“I envision rural and urban communities in Uganda having a good reading culture.” 

“A world in which every person is treated with respect.” 

"Instilling a love of reading in all children so they can grow in their understanding and knowledge and be enriched by books that challenge them and give them a broader view of the world." 

“People have time to spend with their families and are able to properly balance work and other activities. They can find work that is fulfilling and brings them joy. Overall, everyone has a feeling of contentment.” 


“My vision for a brighter future is the value of prosperity over profit.” 

“Planet saved. Democracy saved. Hate defeated. My great-great-grandchildren romping in unspoiled wilderness.” 

"A world where 100% of women are educated and they go on to inspire, guide and shape all of humanity to be healthy, happy and achieve their highest potential!" 

"A world where every child has the opportunity and freedom to learn, grow and become who they want to be, where no child's future is limited because of their gender or place of birth, and where our global community is stronger, healthier and more resilient because we invest in the next generation at all levels."


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