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Stories of change from Girls' Education Program participants in India

March 29, 2021

Skill building India

Intro Stories of Change from India

Life skills education is central to Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. Room to Read believes that when girls have life skills, they can more effectively negotiate life decisions, including the decision to stay in school. These skills equip girls to take charge, to effectively respond to challenges and identify solutions along with a path to get there. Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program is designed to improve learning and life outcomes.

Since 2018, Room to Read India, with support from the IKEA Foundation, has been implementing an innovative Girls’ Education Program initiative which aims to empower approximately 70,000 girls through a life-skills based intervention. This project will help girls from low-income communities complete their education, acquire critical skills and negotiate key life decisions that lay the foundation for successful lives for themselves, their families, and ultimately for future generations. This three-year intervention is unique, as it covers both the direct implementation of our Girls' Education Program in select government schools as well as the scale-up model which extends elements of Room to Read’s Girls' Education Program across all (360+) residential institutions of the states of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

As part of this project, we're excited to share some quotes, as well as a book of stories, from Girl's Education Program participants, teachers and parents in India. If you're interested in learning more, we invite you to download the full book below. 

Rambati, a grade 10 student from the Dantewada district:

“Life skill sessions provided me with the answers to all questions like Who am I? What is my identity? Why is it important to complete education? These sessions have helped me develop many qualities like communication skills, assertive communication, critical thinking, and leadership qualities. These have helped me survive through many challenging situations and made me strong enough to support my family while also continuing my education. I aim to complete my secondary education and help all other girls like me who are facing challenges with their education due to family problems.”

Anshulit, a grade 12 student from Jaipur: 

“Happiness is the right of every individual, independent of their race, caste and creed; therefore,  we must do things that not only create happiness for ourselves but others as well... Life skills education helped me to know myself better, eased my worries related to my career path.” 


Poonam, a teacher in Tijara:

“I came back because of domestic violence. Young girls are unprepared for marriage but we see them pushed into it all the same. Child marriage should be avoided because every girl has the desire to achieve something for herself and child marriage stifles these dreams and potential."

Puja, a grade 10 student from Beawar:

“I learned in my life skills session how to save money and the difference between wants and needs."

Sanwar, a father of Girls' Education Program participants in Liddi:

"I am grateful that there is an organization like Room to Read in our country which is encouraging people like me and doing such a commendable job. I heartily thank Room to Read for making such efforts for the education of my daughters and hope that more parents like me will become aware and try to rectify their mistakes. I am glad that my daughter will be able to read again, I guess it is never too late to mend."

Download the full book