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Understanding the importance of equality: Meet Phimya from Room to Read Laos

October 01, 2021

Skill building Laos

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"The Life Skills lessons inspired me to be brave in doing things I always wanted to. They gave me hope."

Phimya Kardmixay is a 19-year-old alumna of Room to Read's Girls' Education Program. Phimya was raised by her two parents along with seven siblings in a small village in Laos. Her family, who are part of an ethnic minority group, did not speak Lao at home, the language of instruction at school, which made it difficult for Phimya to succeed in her classes. She also faced discrimination from other students for being an ethnic minority, which left Phimya feeling isolated.

When Phimya reached secondary school, she enrolled in the Girls' Education Program. The Life Skills sessions helped her gain confidence and improve her language skills, which enabled Phimya to graduate from secondary school with the best academic scores in her class. These lessons also taught her about the importance of equality, and that students from all ethnic backgrounds deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Today, Phimya is a student in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the National University of Laos. Watch the video below to learn more about Phimya's story.

Meet Phimya from Laos