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Dutch Postcode Lottery selects Room to Read for a three year €500,000 grant

April 21, 2023

Community Indonesia

The Dutch National Postcode Lottery’s (Nationale Postcode Loterij) board has approved a €500,000 grant over three years to support Room to Read’s work in Indonesia. Founded in 1989, the Dutch National Postcode Lottery has a long history of funding charity work, with at least forty percent of their proceeds donated to 146 charities around the world.

This grant will help fund Room to Read’s Literacy Project in Indonesia, which provides schools with tailored assistance to ensure students have access to high-quality children's books in child-friendly school libraries so they can learn basic reading skills and develop a habit of reading. Over the past eight years, Room to Read has worked in East Java, East Nusa Tenggara and Bali to establish strong relationships with schools and local government partners.

This is a formidable opportunity to build a culture of reading for 1 million primary school children across Indonesia. To achieve this goal, Room to Read will focus on three key objectives: increase demand for quality storybooks, increase supply for quality storybooks and inform national education policies and guidelines in partnership with the government.



Room to Read works directly with locally based partners, including NGO library partners, book publishers, and Indonesia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Reach and Technology. Together, they advocate for and establish school libraries, develop and implement teacher training and ensure distribution of high-quality children’s books.

Commenting on the grant, Jonne Arnoldussen, managing director Nationale Postcode Loterij, says: “We are very excited that, thanks to the players of the Postcode Lottery, we are able to contribute to the important mission of Room to Read. The Postcode Lottery supports charities that work towards a fair, healthy and green world. With our contribution to Room to Read we want to show our support and recognition of the important work they do to increase literacy and encourage children to read by making it fun.”

Together, Room to Read and the Dutch National Postcode are building on more than 22 years of global experience and eight years of collaboration with local partners in Indonesia.