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Developing a lifelong love of reading: Meet Sreykeo from Room to Read Cambodia

March 23, 2023

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When Sreykeo was young, her parents were forced to travel to find work, leaving Sreykeo to be raised by her grandmother. Sreykeo’s father had to drop out of school when he was young to help support the family, but her grandmother is determined to make sure Sreykeo never faces the same fate. Though her family doesn’t have a lot of money, Sreykeo’s grandmother saves every bit she can to support her granddaughter's education.

Sreykeo, whose school is supported by Room to Read’s Literacy Program, is a voracious reader. Now in Grade 6, Sreykeo began to develop her reading capabilities when she was in Grade 1, learning key fundamental literacy skills through Literacy Program curriculum. As she built a strong habit of reading, she also found a love for stories and books.

“Sreykeo really likes the library,” shared Navy, her school librarian. “During her free time, she usually comes to the library to check out books. Breaktime is her book check-out time.” 

Her love for reading extends far beyond the library — Sreykeo often brings books home to read. “When I see that Sreykeo can read well, I feel so happy,” reflected her grandmother. “I never expected her reading skills to be this strong.”

“I want every school in every province to have a library because books provide knowledge and build reading habits in children like me.”

Hear from Sreykeo directly in the video below: