2021 Annual Report

What Does Education Equal for You?

Remember the feeling of accomplishment when you sounded out words as a child? Or drifting off to sleep to a bedtime story that let you explore faraway places from the comfort and safety of your home? Or the first book that helped you see the world in a new light?

If so, then you know that education equals confidence, curiosity, empathy and community. Education is a great equalizer, putting dreams within reach for those born into the most difficult circumstances.

Room to Read is changing that reality by helping children become lifelong learners who choose their own futures.

In a world where many challenges have yet to be solved — from the climate crisis to the global pandemic to growing economic divides — education can lead to greater understanding, bigger breakthroughs and a more just society.

On an individual level, education equals opportunity, growth and endless possibilities. Education also equals joy, which we see every day when children read books that validate their experiences and provide windows to new worlds.

As you look through these pages, we invite you to consider what education means for you. Chances are that the opportunity to learn has had a profound effect on your life choices. By supporting Room to Read, you open up similar possibilities for children around the world.

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Two girls outside holding bag together with text "Education = Change"

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Students sitting in a circle with book and text "Education = Community"

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Dear Room to Read Family,

Education means so many things to each of us. For my mother, education was the freedom to avoid an early marriage, train as a nurse and launch a medical career. For my son and daughter, education is a chance to become informed and shape their futures. For Dewmini, a Girls’ Education Program participant in Sri Lanka, education has provided the knowledge and tools to grow an award-winning garden and supply food for her family during one of the most difficult crises in her nation’s history.

For Dewmini and many other young people, education also equals endurance — the ability to persevere through the numerous obstacles that a world in crisis presents. As young women face increasing pressure to drop out of school and marry early due to the financial repercussions of the global pandemic, I’m proud to share that 95 percent of girls enrolled in our Girls’ Education Program returned to the classroom once schools started to reopen in 2021. This is due to our network of social mobilizers, who provided more than 550,000 remote mentoring sessions to girls throughout the year. There are so many extraordinary stories behind these data, and you’ll find a few in the pages that follow.


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We know that education equals many things.

Education equals opportunity — the opportunity to dream, to realize passions, to make choices.

Education also equals connection — connection to the people who nurture our confidence and encourage our success, to the communities that support our growth.

And for many, including students enrolled in our Girls’ Education Program, education simply equals change.

Room to Read’s Girls' Education Program prepares students to make positive change — in their own lives, in their communities and in the world. Through life skills curriculum, mentorship and peer support, as well as family and community engagement, our program ensures that girls have the tools they need to succeed in school and make key life decisions. Our work goes further by supporting young people of all genders to build knowledge and skills with which they can create a gender-equal world. And, we help governments deliver similar programs through their own education systems, creating change at scale.



“I am grateful that there is an organization like Room to Read in our country to encourage people like me who have not always seen the benefit in educating their daughters. ”

Sanwar a father of Girls' Education Program participants in India
Meet Nuru from Tanzania
Meet Chamodi from Sri Lanka

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