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Why Data Matters for These Children Learning to Read

August 04, 2014

Literacy Girls' Education Publication & Reports Sri Lanka

Why Data Matters for These Children Learning to Readle

Watch this video to see how listening to data is improving the lives of students in Sri Lanka. 

With so many challenges facing children trying to learn to read around the world, we want to provide more than our best intentions and best efforts. We want to provide the best solutions and the best results as well. That's why we go to such great lengths to research, monitor and evaluate our programs. We put some of the world's best global education researchers, like Matthew Jukes (who you will meet in the video) on the job, and many more trained data collectors on the ground so that we can test and objectively measure the efficacy of our programs. The data not only helps shape our program design, it also helps provide "live" feedback and guidance to the educators in the field. So they can make the adjustments necessary for their students to become better readers.

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