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Room to Read to Benefit 1.1 Million Children Through Literacy as a 2018 Goalkeepers Accelerator

October 03, 2018

At their second annual Goalkeepers event in New York City, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation named Room to Read as a 2018 Goalkeepers Accelerator, announcing the organization’s plans to reach 1.1 million children in India, Vietnam, and South Africa over the next three years. Funding from their Accelerator partners, Credit Suisse, Dubai Cares and Four Acre Trust, will help Room to Read achieve this impact. This recognition celebrates Room to Read’s leadership and impact in scaling early grade literacy and driving progress toward the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. The announcement was made September 26, 2018, during the Gates Goalkeepers event held in New York City.

Goalkeepers Accelerators bring together different sectors around a common agenda for action and catalyze substantial progress toward the U.N Sustainable Development Goals through a combination of investment, expertise, and innovation. A global nonprofit focused on literacy and girls’ education, Room to Read’s proven early grade literacy intervention drives progress toward achieving the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 4 in its effort to unlock the potential of the world’s youth through quality education. In India, Room to Read and Credit Suisse will scale-up literacy instruction and teacher training coupled with building the habit of reading, in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resource Development and state governments. In Vietnam, Room to Read and Dubai Cares will scale-up the establishment of “model libraries” that will be replicated by the government, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training. In South Africa, Room to Read and Four Acre Trust will scale-up access to quality reading materials by working with the Department of Basic Education and provincial government agencies to roll-out national recommendations for storybook quality – and train local publishers and authors to develop early-grade storybooks in indigenous languages.

“Room to Read’s ability to drive impact at scale as a Goalkeepers Accelerator is possible thanks to the support of our partners in world change: Credit Suisse, Dubai Cares and Four Acre Trust. Together we are catalyzing system-level change with data-proven outcomes in early-grade literacy across these countries,” said Room to Read CEO, Dr. Geetha Murali.

Goalkeepers is a multiyear campaign dedicated to accelerating progress towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. This year, Goalkeepers focused on youth population growth and its effect on future world progress, centering on the opportunity available when the world invests in the education and health of young people and their human capital. Accelerators are a key part of the Goalkeepers mission, bringing together organizations from different sectors, who commit to helping tackle a specific goal or indicator of the Sustainable Development Goals. The 2018 cohort of Accelerators, including Room to Read, address some of the most pressing challenges that youth today face through curated partnerships. Their work will scale early literacy, mobilize resources toward eliminating child marriage, and launch a fund to support data-driven youth-led initiatives.

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