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Room to Read's 2020 Annual Report

October 22, 2021

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News Copy with Callout Room to Read's 2020 Annual Report

We are pleased to share Room to Read’s 2020 Annual Report, Resilience Rising. 
As we look back on our accomplishments in 2020, we recognize it as one of the most unique years in Room to Read’s history. We celebrated our 20th anniversary as an organization, and we’re proud to have benefited more than 23.8 million children across 20 countries through our impactful programs. 
However, last year, we also faced major challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in school closures around the world. The children we serve were suddenly at risk of falling behind in school or dropping out entirely. Room to Read’s staff of education experts remained dedicated to these students, quickly and successfully adapting our programs to reach children remotely as they continued their schooling from home.


Our team members around the world, educators, students and their families were able to rise to the occasion and remain resilient in the face of the pandemic. We wouldn’t have been able to do so without the support of our global community. 

This report illuminates the innovative ways we supported students during the pandemic through solutions like radio and TV programming, remote mentoring for girls, support for parents via phone, our digital library and more. We also reflect on our 20th anniversary and look back at our biggest successes over the last two decades. 
Thank you to our supporters and entire global community for playing a part in Room to Read’s history of changing the world through education.  We hope you enjoy the updates and stories included in this report.