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Room to Read and LSEG Foundation ring in expanded partnership for global education support

October 07, 2022


Room to Read’s vision to create a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality is not possible without the support of like-minded partners who are committed to education equality and provide the investment for Room to Read to expand our programming at scale. 

Today, we’re excited to share more about our partnership with LSEG Foundation, which was recently expanded to significantly strengthen our literacy and girls’ education programming across the world.


When the LSEG Foundation first began supporting Room to Read last year, it was clear that our aligned missions held potential to create lasting impact. LSEG’s focus on creating opportunities in education, employment and enterprise parallel Room to Read’s purpose to help children facing inequities empower themselves with education and unlock their full potential for future employment and opportunity.

On Tuesday, October 4, Room to Read CEO, Dr. Geetha Murali, Chief Development and Communications Officer Laurie McMahon, and Sri Lanka Country Director, Shevanthi Jayasuriya, were present at the London Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell and celebrate our newly expanded partnership that will benefit nearly 10,000 children over the next three years and support Room to Read’s expansion into new areas.

We’re grateful for LSEG Foundation’s shared values and true investment in education. With LSEG’s support, Room to Read looks forward strengthening and expanding our work in India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.


India: Developing literacy interventions at scale

India is home to 36% of the world’s illiterate population. Since 2003, Room to Read has established our Literacy Program throughout the country, providing robust literacy and education support in 12 Indian states.

The LSEG Foundation’s commitment in India will allow Room to Read to benefit more than 7,500 additional children and support our government partnerships throughout the country, allowing for our proven literacy model to expand at scale and achieve system-level change.

Sri Lanka: Supporting girls through crisis

Since 2005, Room to Read has supported adolescent girls in Sri Lanka by ensuring they have the tools necessary to complete their secondary school and plan for life after graduation.  

The LSEG Foundation’s investment will allow for Room to Read to increase support in Sri Lanka during a time of critical need. Due to recent economic downturn and unrest, young women in Sri Lanka are facing grave social, economic and political crisis. Because of LSEG, our Girls’ Education Program will provide resources and mentorship to more than 1,500 girls who are at risk of dropping out of school, providing the help they need to continue their education despite the challenges around them.

Philippines: Expanding to new areas 

As Room to Read continues to expand our programming across the globe, we prioritize areas of need where Room to Read’s expertise in literacy and girls’ education will make the greatest difference in the lives of children, families and communities.

We’re grateful for the LSEG Foundation’s support of our growth in the Philippines. With an initial investment, Room to Read will be able to conduct a thorough landscape analysis and better understand how we can adapt our programming to respond to educational challenges unique to the country.