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Rewiring education: An inside look at the 2021 RewirEd Summit

February 08, 2022


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In December 2021, key stakeholders including educators, policymakers, youth, private sector organizations, international organizations, and foundations came together at the RewirEd Summit to discuss issues facing the education sector. Attendees engaged in discussions, panels, hands-on workshops, and even launched exciting initiatives and experiments. The RewirEd Summit provided an opportunity for the global education community to come together to scale and jumpstart positive changes for the education sector.

Room to Read had the opportunity to share insights during the summit from several of our leaders. We excited to share those sessions with you below.


Our CEO, Dr. Geetha Murali, led a session titled “Thinking Differently When Creating Public Private Education Partnerships: 3 Case Studies & Lessons Room to Read has Learned Along the Way”. Amid the greatest educational crisis in a century, ambitious partnerships that align diverse stakeholders play a key role in creating positive change at scale. During this session, Geetha shared examples of public-private partnerships Room to Read has created and the insights we have gained along the way. She discussrf how to think creatively when developing partnerships, how to engage private donors in these initiatives and how to replicate this work to achieve change at scale.


Thinking Differently When Creating Public Private Education Partnerships


Kerri Thomsen, Associate Director of Literacy, and Titus Kazungu, Associate Director for Literacy Programs in Africa, led a session called “Diversity of Diversity: The Power of Children’s Storybooks in Fostering Inclusive Communities”. Books have the power to spark awareness about the broad spectrum of diversity, intersectionality of identities, and demonstrate through characters and story development how to bridge divides and build a more inclusive, unifying and empathetic world. Kerri and Kazungu shared insights from Room to Read’s unique global expertise working with local authors, illustrators, publishers, and printers to develop books quickly at high-quality to meet specific community needs, irrespective of profitability, tackling the lack of diversity and accessibility to high-quality children’s books in low-income communities.


Diversity of Diversity