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Meet Sugisma, Best Reader in Nepal 2020

November 16, 2020

Literacy Nepal

In honor of Nepal’s 16th National Library Day on September 1st, a Room to Read student, Sugisma, was awarded the prize of “Best Reader in Nepal” by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Information Technology. Sugisma is a 9-year-old student in grade 3, and is a participant in Room to Read’s Literacy Program. Her school’s library is supported by Room to Read’s Literacy Program.


Sugisma received this award after setting a record at the library for checking out 296 books. Through Room to Read’s Literacy Program, Sugisma has developed and strengthened her reading skills. Her school's library is stocked with quality children's books written in the students' local language. Literacy Facilitators encourage the students to participate in individual reading as well as reading aloud. Checking out books from the library has furhter instilled Sugisma’s passion for reading. Now, she enjoys reading on her own as well as reading stories to her parents and younger siblings.



Click here to learn more about Room to Read’s Literacy Program. With your support, we can keep children like Sugisma connected to the resources they need to become independent readers and lifelong learners.