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It's Time to Celebrate Booktober!!

October 01, 2014

Literacy Volunteers and Chapters

This time of year means that for most of us school is in full swing. But in many parts of the world, schools are operating with a severe shortage of the books and classroom materials they need to help children learn effectively. These materials are the building-blocks that create the avid readers, the wordsmiths, the bookworms, the thinkers and leaders that shape our world today.

To help make sure these classrooms and young readers get the support they need to access quality literacy materials, we're celebrating #Booktober--one month to change the world!

If you love reading and want to ensure that kids in Asia and Africa get the chance to love it too, join us in celebrating Booktober this month and become a Super Book Nerd!

Watch the video below created by the talented 14-year-old Room to Read supporter, Josh Lorschy, in support of Booktober! 

4 Steps to Becoming a Super Book Nerd - by Josh Lorschy

What will you do to become a Super Book Nerd?