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I Have A Crush on You (And you don’t need to know that.) by Thùy Cốm

February 03, 2015

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“My heart was gone. My brain could not work properly.” Thuy Com Auhtor & Illustrator




I have a crush on you (and you don’t need to know that). I went out one day. It was so sunny. But I brought an umbrella just in case. Suddenly, you appeared.




I thought you would rain on me. But, no!!! You hit me with lightning. My heart was burned to ashes, and you had no idea.




My heart was gone. My brain could not work properly. I cannot concentrate when you are around. Even when you are not around…it gets worse.




I want to chase after you to take my heart back. I even come up with millions of plans to take revenge. But I think… I can tolerate it…If you do not give me back my heart, we might share yours.




But if only I were brave enough to tell you. My heart is still ashes. If only you came and poured a little hope over it.

                                  It might grow into a beautiful tree. How wonderful it will be.


In an earlier profile of Thuy (which you can read here), she told us about the importance of putting loneliness into her work. But the “loneliness” that Thuy brings to her stories is actually more about comfort and connection. “It is loneliness because I want my work to have some space for readers to enter and fill the gap,” she says. “For kids, picture books can be great friends who understand them deeply. They are very patient, non-judgmental, and do not complain…Children can take comfort from these friends’ words in the moments when they are most needed.”

At Room to Read, we believe that developing literacy is about so much more than just knowing how to read. It’s about enabling the next generations all over the globe to take us into a brighter future through their confidence, compassion and creativity. Brilliant creators like Thuy Com are helping us do just that. Who knows, maybe us grown-ups will learn some of that along the way too.

Note: This story is the work of Thuy Com, and is not published by Room to Read. Read about some of the stories Thuy has created for Room to Read here.

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