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How Saluom became an inspiration to her village

November 14, 2017

Skill building Cambodia

Growing up in a rural region, Saluom wanted to learn how to read and write, so she could use maps and wouldn't get lost. She didn't ponder education much beyond that. But after transferring to a new school and discovering Room to Read's Girls' Education Program, her ambition changed. Motivation grew, as did her opportunities.

With the program's support, Saluom harnessed life skills that would not only help her push through a family tragedy, but also thrive in the big city of Siem Reap.


“I learned a lot from Room to Read's training. It has been a crucial part of my life.” Saluom Alumni, Girls' Education Program
Meet Saluom.

Since 2000, Cambodia's net enrollment in primary school has jumped from 83% to 95.6%, which is quite incredible. Yet, despite these improvements, only 55% of students continue on to secondary school. Partially, this is due to widespread child labor, ranging from farming and scavenging to garment manufacturing and sexual exploitation. 

"Many parents think the same way around here," says Saluom's father. "They go to school until grade five or six and then send them to work in Thailand or other places. So, they don't get much of an education."

Bringing Room to Read's Girls' Education Program to both urban and rural regions of Cambodia has helped more than 11,000 girls acquire key life skills through secondary school, enabling them to pursue an education despite life's trying circumstances. 


Increasing Access to Secondary School

Only 55% of Cambodian students pursue secondary school.

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Opening Doors to Higher Education

60% of Cambodian alumni enrolled in university or vocational programs.


50,000 Girls and Counting

Room to Read has given girls around the globe skills to navigate life ...