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For Chenchu in India, Storytime Thrives Beyond the Library

November 04, 2019

Literacy India

Students in Room to Read's Literacy Program are known for developing a deep love for books. Yet, their passion for stories aren't limited to just reading in the library. Chenchu from Telegana, India has been so inspired by the stories she checks out at school, she can't help but share them with her community. Hear what she has to say:


“I love storybooks and I love storytelling. I narrate stories to my siblings, friends, parents and I don’t even spare my neighbors”. 


 “I create my own stories. I am inspired by all the elements of the neighborhood where I stay and put them in my stories. The characters can be anything from my bicycle, stray dog on my street, my aunt or the sand we sit on.” 


“I love sharing my views about the characters and plot of the stories sitting on the sand.”