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Bringing more children under our iconic roof: Room to Read’s brand refresh

September 12, 2023

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The last few years have been a particularly invigorating time for Room to Read as our work has progressed in new and exciting ways. To date, we have benefited more than 39 million children across 23 countries. This growth prompted us to consider how we might evolve our brand to better reflect the scope and depth of our programs. 

Our brand refresh, which launched today, is the result of that effort and includes updated brand language and visual identity to enhance awareness of Room to Read’s mission, vision and values for years to come.


We are grateful to have received pro bono support for this project from Tether, a world-renowned creative agency that has done branding work for some of the largest global brands, including Amazon, Nike and LEGO. Their guidance has helped Room to Read maintain the parts of our brand that our international community knows and loves while adding to our visual repertoire. To that end you may notice the following:

  • A new logo that includes our iconic roof, symbolizing a range of spaces where children grow and thrive. The new logo contains our name, to help build brand awareness, while the hand-drawn roof captures the child-like energy of our brand;
  • Additional marks to represent our core functional areas: literacy, gender equality and thought leadership within the sector;
  • An updated bright and energetic color palette for accessibility and flexibility; and
  • Updates to our mission and vision statements, as well as new belief statements, which articulate our purpose and principles.

Why the Change?

Our visual identity previously centered around literacy. With this refresh, we keep our beloved books as a symbol of our Literacy Program and add marks to represent our Girls’ Education Program and gender equality portfolio, as well as our data-driven insights. 

This initiative is especially timely as we prepare to raise awareness about our Girls’ Education and Gender Equality Portfolio through the launch of She Creates Change, Room to Read’s new multimedia series and its associated film, books and audio stories for International Day of the Girl in October. Through this initiative, we aim to reach all 432 million adolescent girls globally with content and educational curriculum that supports them in creating change in their communities. 

We also look forward to representing our thought leadership through our Insights symbol as we continue to contribute knowledge and research to the international education sector through publications, government partnerships and forums.



What’s Not Changing

Room to Read’s tagline, “World Change Starts with Educated Children®,” is a consistent hallmark of Room to Read and will be retained: it captures our unifying belief that educating children equips them with the fundamental skills necessary to lead fulfilled lives and creative positive change for their families, communities and the world.   

This exciting development marks an important milestone for Room to Read — one that will amplify our impact and continue to transform the lives of millions of children worldwide. Our continued growth is a result of your ongoing support and partnership. Together, we are bringing even more children under our iconic roof!