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Atlassian's virtual trek to Cambodia

June 10, 2022

Partners Cambodia

Since 2009, the Atlassian Foundation has partnered with Room to Read to support our Literacy and Girls’ Education Programs in Cambodia. To date, Atlassian has donated over $12.5 million USD to Room to Read, with an additional $3.5 million USD through their employee matching program, which has enabled us to support 266,000 young learners and fund nearly 32,000 years of girls’ education. 

Over the past 12 years, Atlassian employees have traveled to Cambodia six times to meet with Room to Read staff and students. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close across the globe, Atlassian employees sought opportunities to stay connected to Room to Read’s work. This led to the development of a “virtual trek,” which allowed Atlassian employees to experience Room to Read’s programmatic work in Cambodia from home. 

As part of this virtual trek, Room to Read Cambodia staff filmed several in-depth videos to give Atlassian employees a glimpse into our Literacy and Girls’ Education programs and offer a taste of Cambodian language and culture. We're thrilled to share these videos with you today!


Have you ever wondered how Room to Read’s Literacy Program is implemented into a primary school? Watch the following video to learn more about our Literacy Program in Cambodia:

Room to Read's Girls’ Education Program was founded with the belief that educated women can change the world. Our Girls’ Education Program staff in Cambodia are trained to work with secondary school girls and their families to ensure that girls stay in school, participate in life skills activities and navigate the challenges of adolescence with the ability to make their own life choices, both personally and professionally. Learn more about our Girls’ Education Program in Cambodia:

Our Girls’ Education Program staff interviewed two alumnae from the program, Sreyleab and Sreynea, who reflected on their experiences as program participants and shared their current educational and professional goals. Get to know Sreyleab and Sreynea and learn more about Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program in the following video!

Thank you to Atlassian for their continued support; together, we can continue to benefit children across the globe through the power of education.