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A Day in the Life of a Social Mobilizer

August 13, 2017

Girls' Education Sri Lanka

A Day in the Life of a Social Mobilizer
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men·tor /menˌtôr/

noun; an experienced, trusted adviser. Someone you can count on to listen; someone who has walked a similar road, and knows the importance of support amidst life-changing decisions.

Our mentors, better known as social mobilizers, are a foundational part of Room to Read's Girls' Education Program. Each student is assigned a woman they can lean on and learn from. These education advocates not only serve as role models, but also help young girls step outside of comfort zones to build leadership skills and confidence in their capacity.

They also play a critical role in the community. In many regions where we work, girls aren’t encouraged to pursue secondary school, meaning they often end their studies at 6th or 8th grade. Yet, the longer a girl stays in school the better chance she has to earn a higher wage, lead in her own life, and become an agent of local change. To help make this happen, social mobilizers become a bridge between traditional customs and educational possibilities. During a time that is ripe for pressure to marry or halt school to pursue work, these mentors play a pivotal role in helping girls thrive through graduation day.  

Want to learn more about these incredible women? Meet G.A. Pradeepa, a Sri Lanka-based social mobilizer. This is her story. 

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