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2021 Girls’ Education Program Report

January 20, 2022

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News Copy with Callout Read: 2021 Girls' Education Program Report

2021 Girls’ Education Program Report

At Room to Read, we support girls in their development of key life skills to self-advocate and navigate challenging situations so that we can work toward a gender-equal world. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented difficult times for everyone, and has especially exposed vulnerabilities and posed obstacles specific to girls. As noted by Brookings, the transition from in-person to remote schooling increased pressure on girls to drop out of school due to factors ranging from household demands to economic concerns and child marriages.

We have made it a priority to show young girls that they are valued, and they have the right to a quality education. To do so, we used our innovative approaches to reach more girls than ever before. Our methods have included remote individual and group mentoring, development and broadcast of TV and radio programs, direct messaging to parents and teachers, distribution of hard copy materials to students, virtual training for teachers and school leadership, social media to inform and advocate, sharing our content on government and partner platforms and monitoring girls at risk of not returning to school. These remote program activities were implemented with the hope of providing the variety of support girls might need during these unprecedented times. We are thrilled to report that our efforts have proven more successful than we ever anticipated.


We’re excited to share our 2021 Girls’ Education Program Report. Throughout 2021, we have continued to deliver our adapted programming to reach girls wherever they are and track our program delivery using a set of crisis-adapted indicators. These measurements, adapted from our longstanding global indicators, provide a clear glimpse into how effectively our programs are running in the various learning landscapes in which we are operating amid the pandemic.

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