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There's no time like the present to create world change.

Use your time and talent to change the lives of bright young students forever.

Nearly 800 million people are illiterate and two thirds are women and girls. You have the power to change that.

It all starts with an idea. Our supporters have dedicated birthdays and weddings, climbed mountains, sold lemonade and more, all in the name of education. How will you create world change?

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It doesn't take much to make an impact:

Girl by Girl

$300 can keep a girl in
school for one year

Book by Book

$2,500 can teach 50 children to read and write for one year

Brick by Brick

$7,000 can provide
a community a library

Need some inspiration?

Our global ambassadors are doing amazing things for education, proving you can get creative to raise money. Here are a few stories we'll never forget.


The Reading Rickshaws

Get Creative

Renée, Gabe, Thuy and Vatsal did the unthinkable and drove motorized rickshaws across India, fueling over $13,000 for students in Asia and Africa!

Maya & Vivek

Dedicate Your Wedding

In lieu of wedding gifts, Maya and Vivek asked their guests to give the gift of education, keeping nearly 100 girls in India in school.


Get Active for Education

Marie dropped her laptop for a day and hopped on a bike with fellow Techbikers. A mere 960km later they raised £62,000 for global literacy!

"Somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world."

Roald Dahl, Author