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Chapter Hub

The Chapter Hub includes everything you need to know about processes and procedures that are key to your chapter's work with Room to Read. If at any time you need support, email: By using the Chapter Hub, you agree to our Volunteer Terms of Agreement

Use the below tabs to find resources for specific to Chapter needs, and stay on top of the latest information by reviewing our Global Chapter Communications.

Global Chapter Communications

Please note that this site was recently updated; if you have trouble finding a resource, please email us.

Use this section of the Chapter Hub to help with various fundraising and donation steps. We cover information about our event and fundraising platform (Engaging Networks) as well as corporate and school partnership strategies.

For one time or monthly gifts, visit or direct interested parties to our Donation Page. One can also check out our Ways to Give page for instructions on other methods such as stock or wire, employer matching, legacy, and cryptocurrency options. You can also pick your country from the menu on the bottom of the Ways to Give page to learn about other giving opportunities specific to your geography.

Donations Page     Ways to Give

Engaging Networks

Engaging Networks is the platform that powers our peer-to-peer and individual fundraising. We also use Engaging Networks for event registration pages. They are our chosen vendor and our systems are synced with theirs to provide a great experience for our fundraisers, supporters and donors - and best of all, it helps us tick to our core priority of efficiency. With an Engaging Networks Page, you can:

-Share the link with your chapter network, family, friends, and neighbors, event attendees to raise chapter funds that go directly to Room to Read

-Track your chapter's fundraising efforts and send email prompts or thank you notes

-Organize and streamline your chapter members' fundraising efforts

The below resources are for creating and maintaining your Peer to Peer fundraising page(s). Information for the event component of Engaging Networks can be found in the Events tab of the Chapter Hub.

Engaging Networks supports all currencies in Room to Read fundraising markets. Each currency has its own landing page. Please use your corresponding currency link below, both to login to your existing account or to sign up for a new account. We recommend that you bookmark your link for future use:

Australia (AUD) | Canada (CAD) | Swiss Franc (CHF) | Euro (EUR) | Pound (GBP)US Dollar (USD) 

Our team has created tutorials for key aspects of signing up, logging in, and managing your fundraising page(s).

How to Sign Up   

How to Join A Chapter Fundraising Page   

Getting Started Video Training  

Dashboard Overview Video Training

How do other chapter members or individuals join my "team" (chapter fundraising page)?
Please see our training on how to join a chapter.

How do I share the link to my fundraising page?
The easiest way to share your link is to copy the webpage address. You can also use the email feature in Engaging Networks (see our dashboard overview training) to send out direct emails with a link to your page. We highly recommend sharing the link to your page on your social media bios and email signatures. See our Helpful Resources below for more ideas.

What is a chapter admin account and how do I access?
From the Chapter Admin account, you have permission to edit the Chapter Team page and send messages to chapter members on Engaging Networks. The login credentials for this account should be shared with any chapter leaders or members responsible for managing the Chapter Team page, and usually use the chapter's email address. For some chapters, the admin is also an individual fundraiser. Our data structure visual will explain the role of the admin account and if you don't know the login, check with your other leaders or email us for help.

How should I use this fundraising page for my chapter?
This page is the best way for your chapter to collect donations that go directly to Room to Read without any % taken, and will ensure credit to your chapter's fundraising efforts. We encourage you to share the link to your page on your social media sites, email signatures, any solicitations you make, and to collect donations at events. Of course, we know that not all donations will be made online, so we have systems in place to collect donations solicited by your chapter and add those gifts offline to your thermostat on your Engaging Networks page. This page is a great way to track your donations and progress to your chapter's overall fundraising goal.


Before approaching a corporate company, please check our Top Funders list. Get in touch with us on how to move forward if it is listed. If the company is not listed, please reach out to the global chapter team and your local market liaison contact to discuss your outreach or solicitation plans. Rom to Read has a team of full-time relationship managers who manage donor pipelines and can support with strategy and connections. 

Top Funders

Build partnerships with lower/elementary and upper/secondary school, universities, and parents/educators by learning more on our Students Helping Students page.

Students Helping Students

Helpful Resources

Access our Annual Reports, Audited Financials, 990s, W9s, and more via our Financials link and W9 PDF below.

Financials     W9

Find your local office in the event that you need to mail donations to Room to Read.

Office Locations

View our donation forms and investment opportunities (by country) below.

Donation Forms
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Investment Opportunities
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Monthly Giving Printables
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