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Chapter Hub

Welcome to the Community Resource Hub! We’re so glad you’re here. This site is your one-stop spot for all things volunteering with Room to Read. Through your service, you are a part of equipping students around the world to change their futures. As you share in your local community about Room to Read, you’re expanding the community of supporters who believe that World Change Starts with Educated Children.  

It’s our hope that these resources support you and save you time as you serve. Bookmark this page and get to know it. If you find that there is a resource that would be helpful but does not exist, please let us know at     

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Chapter Hub / Community Resource Hub is currently under construction; please email us for any resource needs.

Please note that this site was recently updated. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, please email us at   

Hosting an event is a fun and effective way to bring others together to support Room to Read. These resources make planning and hosting events easier! 

Planning & Promoting

Step UP for Education

Run this active challenge fundraising campaign at any point in the year to support Room to Read's programs.

For planning and outreach, we have a kit of campaign materials for your use. 

Campaign Flyer | Starter Kit 


School Read-a-Thon

Partner with a school in your community to run a Read-a-Thon fundraising campaign at any point in the year to support Room to Read's programs. 

For planning and outreach, we have a kit of campaign materials for your use. 

Campaign Flyer | Starter Kit


Over the years, volunteers have planned an array of creative events to raise funds and awareness for Room to Read. Below are a few event kits that are available to use or spark ideas. 

Book Swap | Beers for Books

We can help create an event registration page (for either paid or free ticketed events) on our Engaging Networks platform for you to share with your network. To get started, at least one month before your desired publication date complete and submit the Event Ticketing Form. We’ll create your Engaging Networks event ticketing page which you can then share with your network. The funds from the event tickets can be added to your campaign page on Engaging Networks after your event.

Event Ticketing Form

Please note that Engaging Networks can support events in the following currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, SBD, and USD. If Engaging Networks does not offer your currency of choice, please use Eventbrite as our chosen alternative vendor to create a registration page. 

If you would like to include an auction or raffle at your event, please refer to the local laws and regulations in your market. There can be licenses and fees associated with auctions and raffles, so these will need to be considered before proceeding. If you decide to move forward with an auction, before you approach companies for possible donations, please review our Top Funder List. If a company is on the list or if it is a large national or multi-national company, check in with your global contact before proceeding.

Our preferred and recommended site for auctions is GalaBid. GalaBid is a free website that can be used to host a silent or a live auction for virtual, hybrid, or in-person events and can be set up for bid donations go directly to Room to Read. Contact for more information or to set up a GalaBid account. Set up requires connecting your event to Room to Read’s Stripe account so we will work with you upfront to ensure that the bids get processed correctly.

Note that Galabid is an additional tool that we only recommend for silent and live auctions. Engaging Networks remains our fundraising platform for events registrations, ticketing, peer to peer and donations campaigns.

QR codes are a great tool to use for sharing specific links at an event. Each code is unique and can be placed anywhere (such as on a printed program flyer, auction catalog, poster, etc.). When scanned with a mobile phone, the QR code will lead to a specific link of your choice. We recommend this method for events as a way to lead attendees to donation or auction pages. This site is one that we recommend to generate unique QR code(s) for your needs.

QR Code Generator

Can you send the founder, CEO, or Room to Read staff to speak at my chapter event?

Due to the limited availability of staff, we typically cannot accommodate requests for speakers. We encourage you to complete your Annual Plan and share your event plans and needs with us in advance.

People sometimes feel they need to be a pro to speak about Room to Read. We couldn’t disagree more. You need to be passionate about the cause and be able to personalize a message (why did you get involved, what has impressed you about this organization, etc.). And guess what? As part of our volunteer network, you are passionate!  To prepare any talking points, see the Media section of the Room to Read website, our Year In Review, or the Messaging Toolkit available on this Hub. 

Where will event donations go?
Gifts will be used where and when most needed, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive and holistic approach to education. Your gift, combined with those of other donors, is a powerful means to provide the skills and confidence young students need to escape poverty and build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. Don't worry, if you notify us about donations that you solicit, we will give you credit in our back-end systems. 

We want to run a big fundraiser. Can you send us funds for the cost of the event? 
We take great pride in our financial efficiency, our transparency, and our accountability to investors and the communities we serve. We keep our overhead well below the industry average to maximize the percentage of your contributions that go toward our programs, and we spend our program funds wisely so that millions of children may benefit from our work. This means that we cannot send funds for the cost of volunteer events. To learn more, visit the Financials section of our website.

Can we pay for our event using funds raised from selling tickets?

Many volunteers do this as a creative way to pay for events. Just keep a few things in mind.

  1. Be sure that the language you use to sell tickets is very clear so it does not give ticket buyers the impression that the cost of the ticket is a direct donation to Room to Read.
  2. Also, any donations received at the event must be treated with the highest integrity and cannot be used to cover event expenses.
  3. Finally, events that benefit Room to Read must be cost-effective and viewed as appropriate to the community. A great way to do this is to work out a comprehensive budget for the event and obtain sponsors to help cover these costs. If your costs are beyond the amount raised, that means your team is investing a great deal of resources (time, effort, money) with very little return.

Don’t forget that it’s likely that one of the reasons you chose to support Room to Read is that much of the funds we raise go directly towards our programs (roughly 85%) which means for every $1 raised it takes $0.10 to $0.15 to raise it. One way to make sure you have an eye on a high ROI (return on investment) for your event is to find sponsors to underwrite part of the cost of the event. Or can you find a location that is free to use? Many of our volunteers partner with venues to bring in business through the event on what would otherwise be a slow night. In fact, many bars and restaurants have programs where they will offer a portion of the proceeds to a charity for a night. Also try to find opportunities for gifts-in-kind, i.e. donations for food, beverages, or other elements of the event. Some volunteers also "sponsor" the event, paying for a portion or all. Depending on the details often a gift-in-kind tax receipt can be offered for such sponsorship details. Let us know the details and we’ll get back to you to let you know what would and wouldn’t qualify.

Can you send us your children’s books for a local event that we are having?
The books that we have are printed in-country are used for Room to Read programs in those countries, so unfortunately, we are not able to send books for your event. However, our digital platform Literacy Cloud hosts a large number of our books in many different languages – and it’s free to access!

Wrapping Up Your Chapter Events

Report back to Room to Read after your event by sending your donor list to your local Room to Read liaison and Also, complete an Event Wrap Up Form.

Event Wrap Up Form

Use the printable Donation Forms to collect any donations that are not made directly online. Information on the form is used to process the donation and, if applicable, provide the appropriate tax acknowledgement letter. Please ensure that forms are complete and that handwriting is legible.

Donation Forms
Australia | Belgium | Canada | France | Germany | Hong Kong | India | Japan | Netherlands | New Zealand | Singapore | Spain | Switzerland | United Kingdom | United States

Immediately following your event, please mail in the donations you collected, as well as the corresponding donation forms, to your local regional business office. We are unable to receipt donors until this information is received.

Additionally, please email a coding slip to your market liaison and copy to ensure that all donations are tracked and credited to your chapter.

Share your recorded event with the global chapter network so others can learn from your experience. You’re welcome to post your recording to our TEAMS channel or send it to for us to distribute.

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