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Chapter Hub

Welcome to the Community Resource Hub! We’re so glad you’re here. This site is your one-stop spot for all things volunteering with Room to Read. Through your service, you are a part of equipping students around the world to change their futures. As you share in your local community about Room to Read, you’re expanding the community of supporters who believe that World Change Starts with Educated Children.  

It’s our hope that these resources support you and save you time as you serve. Bookmark this page and get to know it. If you find that there is a resource that would be helpful but does not exist, please let us know at     

Volunteer Newsletter Archive

Chapter Hub / Community Resource Hub is currently under construction; please email us for any resource needs.

Please note that this site was recently updated. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, please email us at   

Our Chapter Leaders oversee volunteers in a geographic area. These resources support them as they lead their teams. 

Getting Started

Be sure to personally review our Volunteer Terms of Agreement and ensure that all of your chapter volunteers abide by our terms. At this time, no signature is required.

Volunteer Terms of Agreement

If you are new to leading a chapter, be sure to sign up for our Global Chapter Team communications by emailing us with your full name, contact information and chapter location. Also, view the Room to Read Onboarding Packet for new Chapter Leaders.

Onboarding Packet

For help defining roles and responsibilities, our team has created position descriptions for key roles including Chapter Leader, Chapter Marketing & Communications Lead, and Chapter Events Lead. Below are links to PDFs outlining each role. Please note that these are generalized position descriptions which may vary from the specific needs of your chapter. Each role description contains a link to a customizable template version for your use. 

Chapter Leader Position 

Chapter Marketing & Communications Lead 

Chapter Events Lead 

It’s important for interested chapter members to have an easy way to contact you, and for your chapter member to receive emails with updates on chapter meetings and events. You are welcome to set up your own email account for your chapter through a platform of choice (such as Gmail), or we can set up an email account for you in the following format: and send you the login details to access and use this email account moving forward. No matter the platform, we recommend you use our email signatures.

Email Signatures

Managing & Operating Your Chapter

Complete your Chapter Annual Plan to identify your goals and intentions for the year. This snapshot of your plans will help to inform both your chapter team and the global office, and provide a starting point and guideline for your efforts. Once completed, send your Chapter Annual Plan to your Room to Read chapter liaison and so we know what your goals are and can discuss how we can help you reach them. Happy planning!

Chapter Annual Plan

Room to Read needs to abide by a number of data protection requirements. In particular, it's critical to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted by the European Commission. Please review the terms carefully as well as the Room to Read Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

What is GDPR?

GDPR strengthens data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). GPR requires all businesses that process personal data of EU citizens handle this data with the utmost security. With the new regulations in place, Room to Read has taken the proper steps to stay compliant, informing all our EU chapters who in turn reached out to their EU volunteers to attain consent.

How does GDPR affect chapters?

The GDPR regulations apply to both EU and non-EU businesses and nonprofits who have collected personal data of EU citizens. Room to Read chapters regularly collect volunteers’ and event attendee’s personal data including names and email addresses. It is imperative that we continue to practice collecting and processing data in a transparent and meticulous way. Room to Read has a written policy and procedure on how we handle personal data and information. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

I've noticed that a lot of companies have been sending emails notifying people that they're making changes to their policy. Does our chapter need to do that?

No. Room to Read has updated our website with our Privacy Policy. It states in Article E that we collect information from you if you volunteer with Room to Read or participate in a Room to Read chapter event. Therefore, we may collect and process personal information about you such as name, address, email, etc. Please see Question 6, Article 3 of the Privacy Policy for information for persons in EU, EEA, or EU citizens.
For information on our cookies policy and how we use them, as well as third party websites, please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy. For any other chapter related questions, please email us.

As an EU Chapter, does GDPR mean I cannot contact my Chapter members?

No, it does not. Chapters are still allowed to promote, fundraise and engage with chapter volunteers and event attendees who have provided consent. The data processing must be done according to the six lawful bases outlined by GDPR legislation: Consent, Contract, Legal obligation, Public Task and Legitimate interests. For more information, please check out the GDPR Data Protection details on the European Commission webpage.

We recommend that you send an email to your chapter members asking them to subscribe to your chapter email list. Chapter members can either “opt-in” or “opt-out” of your chapter emails. Once members have opted in, they are a part of the new, active chapter list. We may not contact a chapter member if they have opted-out of emails. If a chapter member does not reply to the email asking them to either opt in or opt out, then we must consider them as having opted out and remove them from the chapter email list.

Additionally, we ask that all chapters using email note the following language in their email signature or at the bottom of your email body (see our templates here): 

This communication has been sent to you by volunteers who support Room to Read. The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the senders are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of Room to Read. If you no longer want to review these emails, please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE and you will be removed from our list. 

Can someone stay on a Room to Read Chapter email list, but not receive Room to Read emails?

Yes. Room to Read’s email list and each Room to Read chapter’s email list are separate lists and are maintained on separate databases. Therefore, someone may opt out for Room to Read emails, but stay opted in for their Room to Read chapter email. The reverse can happen as well. As the Chapter Leader or core committee member overseeing your chapter and the chapter email list, it is imperative that you keep track of your chapter emails and meticulously check who has opted in and out of emails. You may not email anyone who has opted out of emails. And for EU chapters you can only email individuals who have specifically opted in. If anyone has opted out, please remove them from the mailing list.

I am an EU Chapter Leader and sent out an email asking my chapter members to either subscribe or opt-out of chapter emails. Now what do I do?

If a chapter volunteer has opted-in to the chapter emails, meaning they would like to continue to stay on your chapter email list, then they are fine to continue to contact. Any chapter volunteer that has opted out, or did not respond to the email, cannot be contacted. If a chapter volunteer responds to a chapter email wishing to be removed from the chapter email list, you must delete that volunteer from the list. It’s important to note that once you have sent an opt in/opt out email to your chapter members, you have 30 days to update that information on your chapter mailing list. And always keep in mind you are not allowed to share details from your chapter’s database for any reason.

What about the chapter members who did not respond to the email about subscribing to chapter emails? If they didn’t respond, can we still keep them on the email list?

For chapters in the EU, or when dealing with individuals who are EU citizens or residents, an email recipient must affirmatively opt-in to continue receiving emails. Without the affirmative opt-in, the individual must be removed from the email list. Therefore, anyone who does not respond to the email is considered an opt out and should be removed from the email list.

What about the United Kingdom and Brexit? Does GDPR apply to them?

Yes. The UK has adopted the GDPR although they are in the process of leaving the EU.

We encourage you to use the following resources to recruit and onboard new volunteers to your chapter. Both templates are customizable to your local context. Please make a copy each template before editing for your chapter. 

Use the welcome email template to share an overview of your chapter, member expectations, and local commitments. 

Use the Google Form survey template to gather information from new volunteers about their personal interests, skills, and time commitment to the chapter. 

Our chapter directory makes it easier than ever for interested volunteers to find your chapter, including:

  • Your chapter's contact information (email address)
  • The link to your chapter’s fundraising page on Engaging Networks 
  • Links to your chapter’s social media accounts

Anyone interested in volunteering with your chapter can contact you through the contact information on our directory. Directory pages are managed by Room to Read staff, so please email us with any changes.

Chapter Directory