STEAM-Powered Careers Collection

STEAM-Powered Careers Collection

Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.

Are you ready for a science adventure? Follow us to the STEAM clubhouse, where we can ask questions, explore new places, and meet real-life scientists. Together, we’ll discover STEAM all around us and learn ways we can be a part of it too! 

Room to Read’s STEAM-Powered Careers collection presents 10 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-themed books to inspire first through third graders about the wide variety of groundbreaking and exciting STEAM careers that they can start exploring right now. Created by BIPOC authors and scientists from the University of Southern California and elsewhere, the collection explores topics ranging from polar science to gastroenterology to nanotechnology and more, with a trio of fun characters and their animal friends as well as through a day-in-the-life of working scientists. Each book highlights the present and future of a unique field and offers resources and more information for classroom use. The collection will be printed and distributed starting with communities surrounding USC in 2022. 

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