See Your Impact

See Your Impact

Change the way you view your place in the world.

A visit to one of our partner communities gives you one-of-a-kind access to the projects that you and your company has supported, the opportunity to meet our local teams, and interact with the children, parents and teachers in our programs. This unique, firsthand experience will help you better understand your company’s values and social responsibility and change the way you view your place in the world. 

For the safety of our staff and partner communities, all field visits to our work have been canceled until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have questions, please email your main Room to Read point of contact or Gouri Srinidhi at

Thank you so much for your generous offer to bring gifts. While we certainly appreciate this, we ask visitors not to bring extra gifts so we do not foster a culture of dependence between the students and guests. As you know, we rely on community involvement and co-investment to increase the likelihood for success and long-term sustainability of our projects. Our model acts as a catalyst for community participation, ownership and pride. As you can imagine, when our donors commit to supporting the residents directly, this can undermine the partnership our local teams have established with community officials and organizations. We are happy to discuss our rationale and program model with you in more depth if you have any questions.

We encourage you to document and share out your Room to Read experiences! Please be aware that most countries we work in require at least 25 days to acquire permissions from the school and parents for photography and videography. Room to Read will strive to document your visit and share photos of your visit within a few weeks after your visit.

We want to be respectful to the local cultures and customs of the countries we work in. Please dress appropriately and wear modest clothes. This includes covered knees and shoulders. Additionally, women should not wear low-cut tops. Please do not wear camouflage patterns.

Please note that when entering a library or home, it is respectful to remove your shoes and hat in most of the countries we work in. 

A member of the local Room to Read staff, typically a program officer, will accompany you to the project site and will serve as your host on the visit. He or she will provide you with more information about our work and will be able to answer your questions about the project or partner community you are visiting.

Visits occur during school hours and schedules can sometimes change as a result of scheduling with our partner schools. For this reason, we prefer to collect local contact information from visit participants—especially given the limited internet access in countries where we work. Please aim to provide your hotel address to Room to Read at least 2 weeks in advance of the visit.

Please keep your entire day available. A field trip can take up to a full day, including travel time, with one to three hours spent at the school community. We will provide an itinerary with exact timing approximately two weeks prior to the visit.

Your day will begin with getting to know members of our local staff. After a brief orientation on Room to Read's presence in-country, the group will depart for the project site. There you will meet the school administration and participate in interactive learning activities with the students and school community. You will be provided with a more detailed itinerary that is tailored to your specific trip.


What's it like to see our work?

A Room to Read staff member will travel with you for the entire duration of your visit. Typically, Room to Read will arrange for your ground transportation from the point of departure to the project site and back. In the event that there are additional requirements for your group, Room to Read will reach out to your group's main point of contact prior to the visit. 

Your group is responsible for your international flights, visas, lodging, additional meals and incidentals.

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