Scaling Global Change

Scaling Global Change: A Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Surviving the Start-Up Phase and Driving Impact

By Erin Ganju and Cory Heyman

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Scaling Global Change pulls back the curtain on Room to Read to reveal the wisdom, tools, and lessons driving our unprecedented growth and success.

Scaling Global Change pulls back the curtain on Room to Read to reveal the wisdom, tools, and lessons driving our unprecedented growth and success.

It's a “how to” guide for social entrepreneurs, and the social change champions who support them, who have a vision to change the world and need a strong organizational foundation to do it. From focusing your complete vision to going global, this A-to-Z resource covers key aspects of building and scaling a social enterprise capable of achieving longstanding global impact.

Room to Read Co-founder and former CEO, Erin Ganju, and Chief Innovation Officer, Cory Heyman, lay out an organizational blueprint that enables you to:

  • Master a hybrid skillset of the most powerful for-profit and nonprofit business practices aimed at solving social and environmental problems.
  • Lead a three-pronged, holistic approach to setting up an organization for scalable, replicable, and sustainable growth.
  • Turn to high-level guidance and valuable tips along every step of your journey from start-up to scale up.

Ensure your hard work results in the impact you aspire to achieve with Scaling Global Change.

Inside the Book: 6 Myths & Truths of Social Entrepreneurship

In this insightful video series, Room to Read co-founder, Erin Ganju, debunks the common misconceptions of social entrepreneurship. These chapter teasers are perfect for change-makers looking to build a strong, cause-driven organization that's capable of scaling worldwide.

About the Authors

Praise for Scaling Global Change


“The business of social entrepreneurship is one of the most game-changing investments of our time as we aim to solve the myriad challenges facing society. Many have the passion and drive to make the world a more prosperous, safer and healthier place but those truly positioned for success need a roadmap to maintain momentum and a clear vision for scalable solutions. This book provides just that.”

—PETER GRAUER, Chairman, Bloomberg L.P.

“Erin Ganju and Cory Heyman have written a must-read step-by-step guide for those wishing to take their vision for societal change through to scalable, sustainable execution. Information is the most empowering path to success, and this book is filled with insights from one of the fastest scaling and most impactful social enterprises we have invested in.”

—ROBIN RICHARDS DONOHOE, Co-Chair, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

“In Scaling Global Change, Erin Ganju and Cory Heyman draw on their deep knowledge as insiders of one of the most ambitious organizations ever created to transform the culture of literacy in schools in low income countries, to distill the essential lessons to creating, launching and scaling a successful non-profit. In their insightful reflections on the successful record of 18 years of achievements by Room to Read, they clearly explain the key steps social entrepreneurs must follow to go from idea generation to successful delivery at scale. Any ambitious entrepreneur should read this book.”

—FERNANDO M. REIMERS, Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice of International Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education