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Supports Girls' Education: Cambodia & Vietnam

Invest in girls' education in Cambodia and Vietnam

Your support will send 150 girls in Cambodia and Vietnam to school for a whole year.

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Throughout 2019, Rosewood Hotel Group is raising funds to support 150 participants in Room to Read's Girls' Education Program. The goal of this program is to ensure that girls graduate from secondary school with the skills needed to make key life decisions. The funds will support girls in Vietnam and Cambodia.

When Girls Stay in School, Life Improves...for Everyone

Whether or not a girl stays in school has an astounding effect on not only her quality of life, but on her future family's as well. For a girl in one of the most underserved parts of the world, staying in school longer means she is more likely to have a smaller and healthier family, lower her probability of contracting HIV, and earn a higher wage. She is also more likely to marry later and educate her own children - ending the cycle of illiteracy in one generation.

Yet, girls lag behind boys in their completion of secondary school. In the last decade, the world has made significant gains in primary school enrollment but girls in low-income countries still drop out at an alarming rate. Out of the 124 million children and young adolescents who are out of school, 52% are girls. Girls face serious barriers such as cultural bias and lack of safety. And these challenges can compound as girls transition into secondary school; they include increased school costs, the need to contribute to family income, and pressures to marry and begin a family. Thus, our program includes four core components - life skills, mentors, material support, and community engagement, which we implement based on local conditions, individual need and grade level. 

Thank you for supporting Room to Read's work and the communities we serve! Together, Room to Read and Rosewood Hotel Group are equipping girls with the tools and skills they need to succeed in school, reach their full potential, and contribute to their community and the world.