Book publishing is part of Room to Read’s Literacy Program, which also includes school libraries and early reading instruction. Our publishing vision consists of three primary goals:

      1. Quality Books and Instructional Materials for All Children
      2. Robust Local Publishing Ecosystems
      3. A Collaborative Global Publishing Community

Room to Read books and educational materials are written and illustrated by talented local creators, and published by in-country teams. These teams often adapt trade books from other Room to Read countries to ensure that children in underserved communities can both “mirror” and “window” books in their own languages. Our work brings together the magic of books with a strong foundation in literacy to ensure children have books they both can and want to read.

Every year, we:

  • Partner with local book creators and publishers to develop local-language children's books for young readers, literacy curriculum materials, and young adult books that support our gender equality work;
  • Advocate for literacy initiatives, quality and variety in children's literature, and the growth of sustainable publishing industries in the countries where we work;
  • Purchase and distribute millions of children's books from local publishers in our school libraries, and distribute textbooks to every classroom we support.

Room to Read Books

Go to Literacy Cloud for a searchable database of books online. And click here to see our growing list of book awards and honors.

Publishing Partners

We are a committed supporter and partner to many organizations related to children's literacy and gender equality in education. This includes local publishers and government agencies, schools and library systems, and fellow non-profits. Recent partners include:



Work With Us

Are you a children’s book author or illustrator interested in working with Room to Read? Contact us at @roomtoread.org.