Literacy Program

Literacy Program

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr Seuss

Why Foundational Learning?

Reading is the foundation of all future learning. The magic of learning enables a child to learn concepts, explore new places, internalize values, and develop their imagination, empathy, and critical thinking. Our Literacy Program focuses on developing reading skills and a habit of reading among primary school children in government schools.

Our Approach

Blending Science & Magic

We designed and followed a combination of Library only approach and an innovative Comprehensive Literacy Approach that looks at ‘learning to read’ as a comprehensive experience. Here the child learns all the skills required to become independent and fluent readers, and so combining the ‘science’ of learning to read with the ‘magic’ of loving to read creates an enabling reading environment.


Our Strategies

Setting Up Classroom libraries

Our program enables primary school children to become independent readers, A print-rich child-friendly learning environment develops curiosity and encourages a child to read. The habit of reading fosters children to become lifelong learners. Our library program is implemented for children from grades 1 to 5.


Creating Independent Readers

In addition to creating a print-rich environment in school, emphasis is given on explicit reading and writing instructions for grades 1 and 2 to develop reading and comprehension skills in children. We ensure the continuous monitoring of reading skills enhancement, through self-developed assessment tools based on the EGRA (Early Grade Reading Assessment) model.


Developing Age-Appropriate Literature

We have a dedicated department that focuses on developing Quality Reading Material based on the GROWBY Model. The idea here is to develop age-appropriate literature. Currently, we are developing books in 4 Indian languages that are based on Indian characters and customized as per the Indian context. This is done with the intent that children easily connect with the characters and the context.


Teacher Training

We flow a structured pedagogical approach in assisting teachers and library coaches with reading and writing instructions. We use the scaffolded I Do, We Do, and You Do approach in classrooms, including capacity building of teachers, to make the classroom learning participative and sustainable.


Engaging Community

Learning is an active, engaging, and social process. The responsibility for raising a well-educated and civic-minded generation of children cannot rest solely with schools. We work closely with multiple stakeholders including parents, communities, and government to create an enabling reading environment for the child, both in the school and at home.


We act as a resource and technical support agency for DIETS, NCERT, and SCERT for teacher training and capacity building


Key components of our program

  • Explicit Instructions
  • Forming Reading Skills & Habits
  • Enabling Environments
  • Monitoring & Assessment
  • Teacher Training
  • Dedicated Reading Time
  • Setting Up Libraries in classrooms
  • Reading Material
  • Adaptation & Customization

Mapping our Literacy Program

COVID response for Literacy Program

COVID-19 disrupted education systems across the globe, and the worst hit was the remotely situated, economically vulnerable, and underprivileged communities that are home to some of Room to Read’s beneficiaries. With schools closed, in-person instruction became a remote possibility, and some children (first-generation learners) were left without the resources or guidance to learn and grow.


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1,65,562 - Number of households reached

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Literacy Cloud

Our online platform,, offers over 1600 age-appropriate book titles in 24 global and 6 Indian languages. Literacy Cloud enables a new generation of teachers and young learners to access original, high-quality children’s book titles in their local languages. We envision this platform as a knowledge hub to spread the joy of reading and make literature accessible to all.  

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Literacy Cloud | Free Learning Platform for Children