Goal four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals commits to ensuring “inclusive and quality education for all.” We recognize that achieving this goal is more than any one organization can achieve on its own. Rather, we need to work together to drive toward change at the systemic level.

We also need to carefully track our progress and measure our impact so we can build on our successes and learn from our failures. As evidenced by the data presented in this report, we invest significantly in rigorous measurement of our programs to ensure that we are meeting our goals and helping children and young women attain the quality education they deserve. We are encouraged by the evidence that our programs are achieving their goals. Children’s reading skills are improving significantly and consistently and

book checkout results are our strongest to date. In our Girls’ Education Program, dropout rates have declined significantly, and the majority of graduates are continuing their studies and reporting progress toward their life goals.

The key to sustaining and scaling these positive outcomes is our engagement at multiple levels and with many stakeholders to drive toward systemic change. By engaging communities, partnering with governments, accelerating private sector investments, and advancing sector knowledge, we hope to make a substantial and sustainable contribution toward ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Toward Systemic Change