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When children love reading and seek out books simply because they are interesting or fun, they open endless possibilities to learn about the world around them. Our first ever free Hindi digital book collection from authors and illustrators in India will delight the young readers in your life, combining the science of learning to read with the magic of loving to read.

Chalta Pahad

One day, a camel gets buried by a sand storm. Two turtles climb on the humps, thinking they are mountains. But when the camel stands up, the turtles are surprised to discover what's underneath! After the camel is mistaken for a mountain several times, he wonders, what is a mountain anyway?


A white bear likes colors a lot, and he falls in love with new ones all the time. Join him as he explores a world of rainbows.

Paanch Khambo Wala Gaon

The villagers were excited to hear that the electricity department was coming to install poles to provide electricity to the village. Each day when the workers arrived, the village gathered around them, excitedly watching and helping install the poles. But after five poles had been installed, and before the electricity was connected, the workers disappeared. The villagers waited for them to return...

Bhabho Bhains

One day, Bhabho Buffalo’s horn gets wet in the rain. Then, dirt blows in her direction and sticks to her wet horn! The next day, a bird flying by drops a seed. The seed sprouts. Uh-oh! What will Bhabho do with a tree growing from her horn?

Anokha Sansaar

Turbans are synonymous with cultural tradition of India. The story is an informational narrative about different kinds of turbans which are commonly worn in India. The turbans have been personified to introduce themselves one by one in an interesting poetic form. Vibrant, striking and colorful illustrations add life to the story.

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Dive into five of our original Hindi children's titles from India. Students in our Literacy Program love these stories and we know the children in your life will too!

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