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A visit to one of our partner communities gives you one-of-a-kind access to our projects, the opportunity to meet our local teams, and interact with the children, parents and teachers in our programs. Whether you have been a supporter for years, or are just beginning to learn about our work, this unique, firsthand experience will change the way you view your place in the world.



Ready to start your journey? Follow the steps below to plan and register for your next site visit. 

Every year, we offer both Literacy Program and Girls' Education Program site visits on various dates and in different program countries. Our 2018 site visit opportunities are listed below. Click on your preferred dates and complete your payment of $25 per person to officially register. Please note that you'll be taken to an external website to complete your registration. 

Registration for site visits close six weeks prior to the date of the visit for almost all Room to Read program countries. Registration for site visits in Laos will close 10 weeks prior to the date of the visit. 

A site visit can take up to a full day, including travel time, with one to three hours spent at the school community. Please keep your entire day available for your visit with Room to Read. 


Your day will begin with getting to know members of our local staff. After a brief orientation on Room to Read's presence in-country, the group will depart for the project site. There you will meet the school administration and participate in interactive learning activities with the students and school community. You will be provided with a more detailed itinerary that is tailored to your specific trip.


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A Room to Read staff member will travel with you for the entire duration of your visit. Room to Read will arrange for your ground transportation from the point of departure to the project site and back. 

Room to Read will pay for your transportation to and from the project site along with meals, if required. You are responsible for your international flights, visas, lodging, additional meals and incidentals.

Important: Room to Read requires some information from you prior to your trip. Please be sure to complete the form in Step 3, only after reviewing the information provided in this tab. 

If you are traveling to Bangladesh, Vietnam or Laos, you will be asked to provide a copy of the first page of each site visit participant's passport in addition to your completed form. If you are traveling to Laos, you will also be asked to provide other information. We will email you for more details. 

Please download and review Room to Read's Site Visit Participant Agreement, Release and Waiver This waiver must be signed prior to the visit by each participant. You are able to electronically sign this document using the form below.

Participant Agreement, Release and Waiver

The information in this document is meant to give you an idea of what to expect on a Room to Read Site Visit. In addition to these notes, please remember that a high functioning school in one of our countries of operation will still differ from schools in developed countries. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.


Please click here to view this document in Japanese. 

Please review these guidelines prior to your site visit. 

Note: Government schools in the countries where we work are not equipped for those with physical disabilities. If you or your travel companions require wheelchair accessible vehicles or need special arrangements at the school to accommodate your group, please let us know as soon as possible.


Traveling throughout Room to Read countries with children can be a challenging, yet rewarding experience. We created a list of tips based on other family visits to help your family have the best possible experience visiting our work.

You have the unique opportunity of getting to see Room to Read’s work in person and we want to hear all about it! This document has different ways you can share your story with us. Please take a few minutes to review the possibilities and, if you’d like to participate, let us know what you are thinking and if you have any questions. Otherwise, we will be in touch after your visit to see if you are interested in documenting your experience.


Done reading through the information in this tab? Click on "Step 3" next to finish your registration to a site visit! 



We're excited to show you our work! Please take a moment to complete the mandatory form below.


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Please check your email for a request for your feedback on the site visit. 

We're so glad you want to stay connected to us! Here are some ways you can continue to be a part of Room to Read's global network: 

Our website is still under construction, and you may see a few gaps in information. If you have questions, please email Gouri Srinidhi at

We are able to refund the fee for cancellations received up to one month prior to the site visit date. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a refund for cancellations submitted within one month of the scheduled site visit.

Thank you so much for your generous offer to bring gifts. While we certainly appreciate this, we ask visitors not to bring extra gifts so we do not foster a culture of dependence between the students and guests. As you know, we rely on community involvement and co-investment to increase the likelihood for success and long-term sustainability of our projects. Our model acts as a catalyst for community participation, ownership and pride. As you can imagine, when our donors commit to supporting the residents directly, this can undermine the partnership our local teams have established with community officials and organizations. We are happy to discuss our rationale and program model with you in more depth if you have any questions.

We want to be respectful to the local cultures and customs of the countries we work in. Please dress appropriately and wear modest clothes. This includes covered knees and shoulders. Additionally, women should not wear low-cut tops. Please do not wear camouflage patterns.

Please note that when entering a library or home, it is respectful to remove your shoes and hat in most of the countries we work in. 

A member of the local Room to Read staff, typically a program officer, will accompany you to the project site and will serve as your host on the visit. He or she will provide you with more information about our work and will be able to answer your questions about the project or partner community you are visiting. Group size varies from one to 12 participants and may include independent travelers, university students, Room to Read supporters, chapter members, volunteers and local NGO workers. 

Site visits occur during school hours and schedules can sometimes change as a result of scheduling with our partner schools. For this reason, we prefer to collect local contact information from site visit participants—especially given the limited Internet access in countries where we work.

If you are unable to provide local contact information until you arrive in country, please be sure to contact our local office with this information as soon as possible.

Often, space to visit a Room to Read program is limited and participation is based on a first come, first served basis. Please note that our local teams are extremely focused on delivering high-quality educational opportunities to children across Asia and Africa, and as such cannot accommodate requests for site visits outside of those listed on our website. This also minimizes any disruptions for students, teachers and administrators in our project schools.

When you register for a site visit, you will be asked to pay a $25 USD non-tax deductible fee to cover administrative and transportation costs associated with planning and implementing the site visit. Room to Read hires a vehicle and driver to provide transportation to and from our partner schools.

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