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Having got to this page, we’ll assume you have a fairly good understanding of what Room to Read is all about and so you now want to know how to get more involved. Welcome!

First, for those of you who are not familiar with the terminology, the word Chapter refers to a group of volunteers. As well as the London Chapter, Room to Read also employs full-time staff in the London Office. Obviously the London Office and our Chapter work very closely together.

Volunteering with the London Chapter is not only a great way to help further Room to Read’s mission but also an opportunity to develop new skills and make connections with like-minded individuals. Join us today!

Who we are?

We have one thing in common in that we are inspired by the work of Room to Read and want to volunteer our time to help achieve its goals. The London Chapter supports volunteers in making their contribution no matter how big or small. We are determined that whatever we do is inspiring and fun, and that each volunteer’s contributions are tailored to what they have the capacity to do. It is also a wonderful opportunity to socialise and get to know a lot of great people from diverse backgrounds, and learn about their experiences. 

How are we organised?

The London Chapter has a Core Committee comprising volunteers who want to make a significant contribution. The committee has four key positions, namely:

  • Chapter Leader;
  • Volunteer Leader;
  • Events Leader;
  • Communications Leader.


At any one time these positions are occupied by two volunteers as co-leaders. This structure is designed to provide resilience as we do not expect volunteers to provide the same level of input as a full-time employee. Also we attract a number of passionate volunteers who are working in London for a limited period, so this structure helps ensure their good work can continue after they leave.

As well as the Core Committee we have a brilliant and diverse group of volunteers who raise funds by running events for the London Chapter, and raise awareness of Room to Read by using their networks. From manning stalls at literary festivals, to running Beers for Books, quiz nights and bake sales, to organising an inspiring Business Breakfast event with the fantastic Erin Ganju. Every contribution is welcomed and celebrated.

Together we will raise more money than we ever could alone and we are so excited for you to come along with us to change the world through education.

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Thanks to the dedication and work of the London chapter.

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