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Empowering Girls Through Quality Education

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Room to Read's proven efforts have helped more than 56,000 girls learn to negotiate key life moments and determine their own futures. Countless others urgently remain in need. Please use your official email address when giving to ensure your donation is matched!

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Please donate generously to girl students in secondary school in New Delhi, India, to enable them to participate in Room to Read's Girls' Education Program and continue their secondary school education. 

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So far, BNP Paribas has impacted over 16,000 girls through supporting Room to Read's Girls' Education Program, providing the mentoring, classes and material support to help a girl stay in school and navigate some of life's toughest decisions.

Girls in India face obstacles to their education both inside and outside of school. For every 100 boys enrolled in secondary education, there are only 81 girls enrolled. Early marriage plays a large role in keeping girls out of secondary school and one in every three child brides in the world is a girl in India. School settings often reinforce gender inequality through social norms and community control.

Room to Read India was established in 2003, and India has since become our largest operating region. Our Girls' Education Program has addressed gender inequality in India’s education system by supporting classes of girls with the resources they need to successfully complete secondary school, and working with government stakeholders to advocate for the importance of girls’ education at the state and national levels. Find out more about your impact in India: What Skills Change Girls' Lives?

Life Skills

Life skill classes are a key reason why Room to Read's Girls’ Education participants reach new heights. Want to see what makes this program so special? Check out this video and learn how these sessions help nurture dreams and help girls succeed in India!

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